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President's Message

It is an honor – for various reasons – to lead the premier voluntary bar organization in our area, the Highlands County Bar Association. Without a doubt, chief among those reasons is the professionalism, ethical standards, and collegiality that exist among our group. As a practicing attorney, I have yet to witness any other group of lawyers, in any other setting, conduct its affairs with as much respect for one another and genuine concern for what is right as the HCBA does. If I accomplish nothing else as President, I strive to imbue our community at large with this ethos, on display every time the HCBA meets or its members interact with one another, even as adversaries.

Although we have several long-standing events put on by the HCBA each year, there is probably no better opportunity to promulgate our values to the community than through our Law Day presentation. Comprising multiple events and functions held over several days early in our calendar year, to my mind, Law Day is our most important event, if not the one requiring the most effort by our members. From our attorneys’ school presentations to the dynamic keynote speakers welcomed to our signature luncheon every year, Law Day is an all-out effort by our members to bring the law and its high ideals to our community. With planning already underway this year will be no different. I encourage each of you to participate and become involved in the work our Law Day committee is already undertaking.

If you are not yet a member of the HCBA, join. If you are already a member, get involved. The Highlands County Bar Association can only be as great as you make it.

Andres N. Oliveros

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